Beautiful by Lbilover

A so-called double dribble drabble (each line is one word longer than the last up to ten and then counts down again). Both Frodo/Sam and Sean/Elijah. Written for Christmas 2005.

His Frodo.
A light inside
Only Sam can see
Shining bravely against the night.
Before it no darkness can prevail
So Sam believes with all his heart.
He holds the weary hobbit close to him
And watches as he slips quietly into sleep.
He stoops to kiss his brow: rest you quiet, love,
Sean whispers to the weary hobbit in his arms.
Elijah closes his eyes and slips into sleep,
Safe in the arms of his Sam.
The sky is deepening into twilight.
In the darkness Sean sees
A faint light is glowing:
A light inside
His Elijah.