Backward by Lbilover

Written for the Fan_Flashwork prompt 'backward'. 

The word around Hobbiton was that Samwise Gamgee was backward; living up to his name, some folk said. Physically he was no late bloomer, for his voice deepened earlier than most, he sprouted hair in all the right places, and he was undoubtedly well-endowed.

But when his mates invited him to join them spying on the lasses bathing in the Bywater Pool, Sam flushed scarlet, stammered incoherent excuses and fled incontinently. And when the lasses themselves tried to interest him in a bit of slap and tickle behind a hay-rick, well, no hobbit ever vanished so fast- not even old Mr. Bilbo at his Party.

Shy and stupid but handsome was Samwise Gamgee, they all concluded, and sighed and wondered if he would ever grow up and get a clue.


'Lordy,' said Sam, shedding shirt and breeks and joining Frodo on the bed, 'that Rose Cotton gave me a fright today, Frodo. Reckon she'd hog-tie me if'n she could and drag me off to have her way with me.' He shuddered.

'She'd better not,' said Frodo darkly. He took Sam's cock in a possessive grip. 'This, not to mention the rest of you, belongs to me.' He gave what he held a tug; Sam whimpered. 'And I mean to have you right now, Samwise. Come here.'

Sam yielded with alacrity, and what followed proved that he was, in truth, not in the least backward- except when it came to his position on the bed, that is.