Art Imitating Life, by Lbilover

Originally written for the word of the day 'viscid'.


"All right, Elijah, we're going to put the cobwebs on your hair now."

Elijah obligingly held still while the make-up artists draped the faux web over his wig.

Nearby, Sean's hands were being daubed with sickly green goo to represent Shelob's entrails.

Their eyes met. Instantly it was last night in their hotel room. Elijah was on his knees with Sean's cock in his mouth, sucking him hard until, just as Sean was on the brink, he suddenly jerked his cock free and came all over Elijah's hair and face in viscid strands.

Strands that very much resembled the fake spider's silk.

Art imitating life. But that would remain their little secret.

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