Anamnesis by Lbilover

"Anamnesis? What the fuck kind of word is that? That can't be real." Elijah scowled at the tiles Sean had just set down.

"It is so a real word," replied Sean. "It means 'the recollection or remembrance of the past'. Pretty good, huh?"

"And apropos, as it's the last day of the year, and definitely a time to remember the past."

"And more so than ever this year, seeing that it's the tenth anniversary of Fellowship."

"Yeah." Elijah looked thoughtful. "Do you have any regrets, Sean?" he asked quietly.

"Now there's a loaded question." Sean gave Elijah a look of mock alarm. "But seriously, other than wishing it hadn't been necessary to hurt some people to be with you, no, I have absolutely no regrets."

"Neither have I, in case you were wondering."

Their lips met across the Scrabble board, but neither took the opportunity to cheat.

"My turn," Elijah said, and after frowning at his rack of tiles for a minute, selected three. "The word may not be worth much in points," he said, placing them on the board above the letter 'e' in anamnesis.

"But it's completely priceless in every other way," Sean finished.

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