Always by Lbilover

Originally written (anonymously) for the OTP Summer Dreams Month kink meme at Tol Eressea. My anonymous requester asked for: “Omega!Elijah is pregnant; Alpha!Sean takes care of him; filler's choice on the rating--anything from a PG-13 backrub or foot massage to NC-17 super-hot mpreg sex”. I hadn’t written (or even read) alpha/omega before this, so ymmv as to how it works as a trope. The story is set in a somewhat nebulous parallel world with different rules. And apparently it has a plot of sorts. It wasn't supposed to. :)


Elijah was without a doubt the most desirable person at a society function filled with desirable people. Sean kept a proprietary eye on him all the while he circulated, ready to move in if it proved necessary. It didn't matter that his partner was noticeably pregnant; if anything, that only increased his allure, for Elijah's combination of beauty and fecundity was rare indeed. Sean's well-honed instincts had already unerringly pinpointed the other alpha males present, any one of whom would leap at the chance to mate with Elijah. He could practically smell their arousal pheromones as they admired him, some obviously, others less so.

Not that he could blame them. Pregnancy had granted added radiance to Elijah's pearly skin and a sensuous glow to his penetrating blue eyes. His lips appeared permanently bee-stung, ripe and ready for plundering. His belly strained against the tight blue sweater he wore - Sean liked him to wear form-fitting clothes, the better to admire his burgeoning pregnancy - making his condition unmistakable.

A condition for which Sean was responsible, and about which he was blatantly and unapologetically smug.

His cock twitched as he recalled what the sex had been like while Elijah was in heat. Generally submissive, a willing bottom and eager to please, he'd been transformed into an insatiable, demanding sex kitten who had not hesitated to tell Sean exactly how he wanted it - and how often. Sean had canceled all his obligations for the duration and stayed home, not only to keep Elijah's itch scratched, but to take advantage of the chance to get him pregnant. Prolonged orgasm was Sean's special talent, but this? They'd barely left their bed the entire time, and when Elijah's cycle finally ended, Sean joked that if he hadn't succeeded in impregnating Elijah, no one could claim it was for lack of trying. Elijah had smiled and rubbed languidly against him with a purr of content. "I'm not worried," he'd said, gently massaging the base of Sean's cock so that the bulbs on either side came into prominence. "We were knotted for so long, there's no way you could have failed." He'd bent his head, licked his way up Sean’s cock and then given Sean an exquisitely tender blow job, signaling the return to their usual dynamic.

They soon discovered that Sean had not failed. And now, in a little less than four months' time Elijah would give birth to their first child. Sean couldn't wait.

It had been a mostly uneventful pregnancy thus far, save for bouts of morning sickness - which for Elijah weren't confined to the mornings. The nausea had lessened in frequency, hence this rare evening out, but the empathic bond they shared as life-mates meant that Sean could tell when Elijah was unwell – and a familiar faint roiling sensation in his stomach told him that that was happening right now.

Sean quickly set down his half-empty glass of wine and excused himself to his companions. He went to Elijah and slipped an arm around him. "Feeling queasy, sweetheart?" he asked softly. Elijah nodded and leaned into him. The jealousy of the watching men was palpable, as was their resentment that Sean, not they, held the right to be Elijah’s prop and support. Almost Sean smiled as he rested a possessive hand on Elijah's belly - staking claim to what was his, and his alone.

"Is everything okay?" It was their host, a dot-com billionaire who had backed Sean's latest movie project. An alpha, too, and Sean knew he would give his eye teeth to add Elijah to his stable of companions. Dream on, he thought. He owed the man for his support, but gratitude only went so far.

"Elijah's feeling a little under the weather," Sean said. "Is there someplace he can lie down?"

"Of course, Sean. I'll have one of the servants show you to a guest bedroom." He clapped his hands sharply and a young man in a form-fitting white uniform hurried over. "Zander, take Mr. Astin and his partner to the red suite," he ordered.

"Right away, sir."

"Feel better, Elijah," he said, with a warmth noticeably lacking when he addressed his servant. "And you," he added to the young man, reaching out and casually squeezing the taut buttocks under the nearly see through skin tight trousers, "I need you back here asap."

"Yes, sir." Zander's voice was colorless.

Sean tightened his arm around Elijah as they followed the young man. Such had almost been Elijah's destiny, and would have, had fate not brought him and Sean together.

Zander led them up a flight of marble stairs and down a short hallway. "Your room, sirs," he said, coming to a stop, and held open the door.

"Thank you, Zander." Zander looked surprised to be acknowledged, and shocked when Sean took a business card from his pocket and handed it to him. "There are always options, whatever you might believe," Sean said gently.

Zander made no reply, only tucked the card up his sleeve and scurried away.

The red suite was typical of their host's 'more money than taste' sensibility, a gaudy symphony of scarlet, black and gold, its centerpiece a massive platform bed sporting scarlet satin sheets and duvet embroidered with his initials in gold.

Sean led Elijah to the bed and he lay down on it with a sigh of relief. Sean removed Elijah's shoes and tossed them on the floor, then kicked off his own. He stretched out behind Elijah and spooned him, snugging one arm along the curve of his belly and the other below his breasts that were tender and sensitive to the touch. He cherished these moments, not only for the physical contact, but the meshing of their emotions, like threads of sparkling frost forming an intricate pattern on a cold windowpane.

They remained that way for a while without speaking, and Sean could feel Elijah's discomfort fade and finally disappear. "All better."

"Yes," Elijah replied, a little drowsy in the aftermath. "I'm sorry, Sean. I didn't mean to take you away from your friends."

"Hush. As if they matter compared to you." He nuzzled the nape of Elijah's neck, breathed deep of his scent, which had first attracted him, even before he set eyes on him. It was subtly altered since Elijah became pregnant, retaining a trace of his heat pheromones, enough to rouse Sean's protective instincts to even greater heights.

Elijah said, "You're so good to me." Sean knew he was thinking of the young man who'd shown them to the room. Life wasn't always easy for Zander's kind, born into a form of servitude that only the most exceptional and lucky escaped - such as Elijah.

"I love you, Elijah." Sean splayed his fingers over Elijah's bump. Their baby was active, and almost immediately Sean felt a fluttering kick. "And I love him, too," he added in a husky voice.

Elijah's hand joined his, lacing their fingers together. "It's a miracle, isn't it."

"Our miracle. We created him together." Memory surged back. Sean's cock pulsed against Elijah's buttocks.

Elijah shifted in his embrace, turning to face him. "Sean, let me take care of you," he said, and reached for the zipper of Sean's slacks.

But Sean intercepted him. "No, I'll take care of you. But first I'm going to secure the door." He rolled away and got to his feet. "Undress," he said, looking down at Elijah, and saw the pulse leap at the base of his throat and the sudden expansion of his pupils as he responded innately to Sean's command.

By the time Sean had wedged a faux Louis XVI gilt chair under the door handle and returned to the bed, Elijah was undressed, lying on his back, naked and vulnerable. Against the scarlet satin his milky-pale skin had an almost unearthly glow and his eyes appeared blindingly blue. Sean stared hungrily at him as he removed his own clothes, letting them fall carelessly to the plush gold carpet. Elijah's arousal shimmered along Sean's nerve endings, raising goose pimples of awareness and heightening his own desire. The musky odor from his sweat and his seeping cock wafted around Sean, and he wanted to roll in it, soak in it, rub it all over his bare skin and wear it like a cologne.

Mine, mine, mine. Sean could almost have thrown back his head and howled his exultation.

Instead, he dropped to one knee beside Elijah on the duvet, then placed his palms on either side of his shoulders and leaned down to that tempting bee-stung mouth. He ravaged it, plundered every silky-hot inch inside until Elijah was whimpering, his fingers desperately grappling in the scarlet fabric as if to keep himself from flying apart into a million pieces. Sean released his mouth and moved to the base of his throat, sucking at the tender skin until he'd made a livid mark of possession. Then his lips traveled across the flawless marble pallor of Elijah's chest and closed over a peaked pink nipple. Ruthlessly he suckled first one nipple then the other. Elijah cried out again and again, arched helplessly up, pinioning their erections tightly together. It was like a lighted match set to dry tinder. Sean slid a hand between Elijah's thighs, found him slippery wet and ready, and in an instant his knees were draped over Sean's shoulders and Sean pushed inside his welcoming heat, the knots on either side of his cock stretching and filling the narrow passage.

"Sean!" The sharp cry was cut off as Sean's mouth captured Elijah's again, tongue thrusting in rhythm with the snap of his hips. With every movement, Sean felt Elijah's cock sliding slickly between them, hot and pulsing, and imagining how Elijah would look with his own come spattered on his pregnant belly pushed Sean straight to the edge. With a hoarse shout, muffled against Elijah's lips, Sean stiffened and spasmed, releasing his semen deep inside Elijah. Moments later, Elijah's heels dug painfully into Sean's back as he arched again and came, a sticky warmth spread, wetting Sean's abdomen.

Though his arm muscles were quivering, Sean held himself up, careful not to rest his full weight on Elijah. They were knotted now, and though the most intense phase of his orgasm was over, Sean's cock was still pulsing ejaculate and Elijah felt every tiny pulse in his sensitized passage, and trembled and panted as pleasure rippled through him in wave after wave. Sean loved that he could give Elijah this, something no ordinary lover could ever match.

The spasms gradually diminished but it was nearly ten minutes before Sean was finally able to pull out and unknot them. He eased Elijah's cramping legs off his shoulders, and then he bent his head and started to lick away, thoroughly and with relish, the creamy seed from Elijah's belly, half wishing the men who had been lusting after Elijah could see him. "God, what you do to me," he said in a husky voice. "I can't get enough of you."

"Sean," Elijah whispered, shivering with need, and tangled his fingers in Sean's thick hair, urging him to finish.

When Sean was done, he rested his cheek there, and said, "Do you think our son is shocked?"

"Probably more by the decor than the sex," Elijah said with a shy humor that usually had to be coaxed out.

Sean chuckled, delighted. "Then maybe we should get dressed and go, rather than continue to offend his sensibilities."

"Do we have to go back to the party?"

"Definitely not. For one thing, it's well past the baby's bedtime. For another," Sean tightened his hold on Elijah and pressed a possessive kiss to his belly, "I'm tired of those men ogling what is mine." He looked up, and his breath caught at the expression in Elijah's eyes: complete trust and unconditional surrender.

Yours always, Sean.

Sean nodded, blinked back tears. Always, Elijah.

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