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  • A Patchwork Family is a series of Post-Quest AU Frodo/Sam stories in which Frodo rescues an abused, abandoned blue whippet that he names Huan. Through the love and devotion of Sam and Huan, Frodo is healed and able to remain in Middle-earth. These are mostly gentle stories with no more than a Teen rating, and feature some humor, some fluff, some angst, some hurt/comfort, but mostly lots and lots of love. They are listed below as much as possible in chronological order. If you are new to this verse, 'Huan', 'Out of Shadow, Into Light' and 'A Journey to the Havens' are the most important stories to read.

Many thanks to the lovely Soni for the manip below!


  • Huan: this is the first story in the Patchwork Family verse and tells how Frodo and Huan met. Romance, Drama, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 5036
  • The Proposal A nervous Frodo has a question to ask of Sam; or 11 words of Tolkien’s placed in a slightly different context. Romance, Drama. Rating: Teen. Words: 1544.
  • A Light Inside: Sam wonders if Huan can see the light inside Frodo, too. Drama. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1733.
  • Healing: Frodo and Sam deal with an injury to Huan (but not a very serious one!) Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 2597.
  • Conspirators: Sam and Huan form a small conspiracy to convince Frodo to stay in bed and rest. A sequel to 'Healing'. Hurt/Comfort, Schmoop. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 2772.
  • Warming: Huan knows the truth. Hurt/Comfort. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 200.
  • At the Sign of the Golden Perch: On their way to Crickhollow to visit Merry and Pippin, Frodo, Sam and Huan stop for the night at the Golden Perch, where their small family is nearly torn apart. Drama, Violence, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 9554.
  • Truth and Lies: A hobbit claiming to be Huan's rightful owner appears. What will Frodo and Sam do? Angst, Drama, BAMF!Sam. Rating: Teen. Words: 7555.
  • Out of Shadow, Into Light: Sam and Huan must deal with the shadows of the past that still haunt Frodo. Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Mature. Words: 25546.
  • Remembering: Sometimes it's good to remember. Drama, Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 2251.
  • Acceptance: Sam sets matters straight with his father. Drama, Families, Relationships. Rating: Teen. Words: 2868.
  • Yule Gifts: Frodo and Sam's first Yule as a couple is rather fraught with Sam's father coming for dinner, but all's well as ends better, as the Gaffer would say. There's a little bit of everything in this story: Romance, Humor, Drama, Schmoop, Domesticity. Rating: Teen. Words: 7219.
  • The VisitorAn old friend pays a visit on Frodo and Sam, and meets Huan for the first time. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1021.
  • Missing Sam: Sam is away, Frodo is missing him, and Huan is wise. Drama, Reunion Fic, Schmoop. Rating: Teen. Words: 3042.
  • A Journey to the HavensFrodo, Sam and Huan travel to the Grey Havens to bid farewell to Bilbo. Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 6386.
  • The Proposition: Farmer Cotton has a proposition concerning Huan that takes Frodo by surprise. Drama. Rating: Teen. Words: 3606.
  • A Pup for the Gaffer: Frodo and Sam go to visit Huan and Blacky's puppies at Farmer Cotton's farm. Drama, Puppies!, Schmoop, Even More Puppies! :-) Rating: General Audiences. Words: 6094.
  • Surprising Sam: While Sam is away in Michel Delving, Frodo prepares a special surprise for him with the help of some friends. Schmoop. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 2484.
  • The Petticoat Mystery; or, a Halloween Tail: When he found the petticoat on their bed, Frodo was flummoxed... Fluff, Humor, Halloween, Huan Being Managing. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1856.
  • Sharing in JoyThe four Travellers and Huan share a thanksgiving dinner with the Sandheaver family. Drama. Rating: Teen. Words: 1947.
  • Sixth Sense: Huan demonstrates a sixth sense when Frodo takes him to call on an elderly neighbor. Hurt/Comfort. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1230.
  • Poetic Justice: A bitter Ted Sandyman plots revenge on Sam and Frodo. Drama, Violence. Rating: Mature. Words: 3003.
  • Ring Out, Wild Bells, to the Wild Sky: Bill the Pony had always wanted to wear bells. Yuletide, Schmoop. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 350.
  • Over the Edge: The Gaffer has to rescue Tater from a dangerous situation. Will he lose his own life in the process? Drama, Angst. Rating: Teen. Words: 3464.
  • The Mitten Mystery: One of Frodo's mittens goes missing. Fluffy Mystery, Fluffy Drama. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1841.
  • A Soft Blue Shirt: A soft blue shirt brings memories of the past for Sam and Frodo. Romance. Rating: Mature. Words: 522.
  • Pillow Fight: The title sums it up! Fluff (Literal), Fluff (Not Literal), Happy!Frodo. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1176.
  • One Dog Night: The Gaffer and Tater at home together. Schmoop. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1231.
  • The True Answer: Frodo, Sam and Huan watch a sunrise. Romance. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 150.
  • Passing the Time: An unexpected storm catches Frodo, Sam and Huan by surprise. Romance, Schmoop. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 300.
  • The Curious Incident of the Whippet in the Nighttime: Huan disappears in the middle of the night. Where did he go? Humor, Fluff. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 620.
  • At Play: There are still new discoveries to be made. Schmoop 'n Fluff! Rating: General Audiences. Words: 200.
  • A Tense Night: Huan has a belly ache, and a worried Frodo and Sam stay up all night with him. Hurt/Comfort, Fluff. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 429.
  • A Huan A Day: The sovereign remedy for all ills. :-) SCHMOOP! FLUFF! Rating: General Audiences. Words: 183.
  • Huan's Dreme: Huan dreams of his past. Angst. Rating: Teen. Words: 2188.
  • Where the Heart Is: Sam doesn't miss home. Schmoop, Schmoop, Schmoop. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 250.
  • Ambushed: On an outing to the mountains above Minas Tirith, Frodo, Sam, Huan and their friends are ambushed by renegade Orcs. Huan is gravely wounded protecting Frodo, and only Frodo, with Aragorn's help, can save him. Angst, Drama, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 6307.
  • Other Forces: Frodo falls ill while Sam is away from home. Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Schmoop. Rating: Teen. Words: 4113.
  • Spring CleaningFrodo decides it's time for some spring cleaning. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 350.
  • Evergreen: Though the years pass, some things never change. Schmoop. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 150.
  • A Love Unspoken: On Huan's birthday, some traditions must be kept. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 442.
  • An Unexpected Visitor: Frodo and Huan make an unexpected discovery while out for a walk. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 1958.
  • The Naming: Frodo and Sam come up with a name for their unexpected visitor. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 539.
  • North Wind Blowing: A distant memory and a joyful reality. Rating: Teen. Words: 400.
  • The Plot: Sam senses a plot. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 400. 
  • NEW! The Perfect Way to Spend a Rainy Day: Huan knows the perfect way to spend a rainy day. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 343.
  • NEW! Longanimity: Sam confides in Huan. Rating: General Audiences. Words: 200.

I have written several pre-Huan stories in the Patchwork Family verse. They are listed below:

  • In Ithilien 1: Sam and Frodo have breath enough for a first kiss. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 100. 
  • In Ithilien 2: Frodo has much to discover anew. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • In Ithilien 3: In the aftermath of loving, Sam has a question for Frodo. Romance. Rating: Teen. Words: 100.
  • In Ithlien 4 & 5: Sam gladly plays the fool; and Merry and Pippin aren't surprised. Romance, Humor. Rating: Teen. Words: 437.
  • In Ithilien 6 & 7: Frodo and Sam prepare to leave Ithilien; and years later they return with Huan for a visit. Angst, Happy!Future!Fic! Rating: Teen. Words: 325. 
  • In Ithilien 8Sam tells Frodo his feelings in another language. Romance, Schmoop, Language of Flowers. Rating: Teen. Words: 946.
  • A Visit to the Camp: In Minas Tirith, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin visit Imrahil's wounded soldiers, and Sam makes a discovery that may help Frodo to heal. Drama, Hurt/Comfort. Rating: Teen. Words: 3222.